And opposite her, a man with a red forked goatee sits over a rickety table covered with small boxes. Surrounded by several gawkers, he shouts:

Buy dreams!
Guaranteed quality goods!
They last a whole night!

Dreams about gold!
Become a millionaire for one night!
Buy my “Gold Dream”!
Protected trademark!

A single AGA pill
before you go to sleep will guarantee
a night full of love, kisses and embraces
Instructions for use

Special offer! Rosy dreams!
Try one and you’ll come back for more!
No side effects!

Do you want to travel to exotic places?
See palm trees, caravans, savages,
tigers and monkeys?
Buy our EXOTICS tablets

Fall asleep on your back with
an ARO pastille
under your tongue
and you’ll experience
a plane journey to the sun!

Try an ORA pill
to experience
a hurricane for one night
and survive it in the safety
of your bed

Are you afraid to journey to the stars?
Is star travel beyond your means?
Dreams can bring you this adventure!
Buy my Stardream for five argents!
Beware of fakes!

Gigantic signs, moving neon patterns repeating themselves until they make you go mad; advertisements everywhere: on banners, walls, windows, doors, on people’s backs and even on their faces. – Paper, colours, glass and human mouths all scream at Brok from all directions, filling his eyes and ears. He had been walking on for a long while, not stepping aside for anyone, amused at the sight of the unsuspecting passers-by who collided with him and jumped, their faces transformed by surprise and terror.

He veered to the right following the road. Then he realised that he had been walking in a circle and had returned to his starting point. Only then did he notice the narrow, winding streets running from the main circular road onto which the crowds slowly trickled. Metal walls rusty with dampness, windows muzzled with curved grilles. Some streets were so narrow that you could touch the walls with both hands. And there were streets like mountain passes where the walls almost touched and people had to squeeze through sideways, holding their breath and drawing their bellies in.