It started with a dream · a man on the staircase · the red carpet · Who am I?

It was a terrible dream. a hollow skull filled with darkness and, within the centre, a flickering yellow light. Below, a game of cards is being played, but the cold is such that colours disappear beneath a layer of frost. and then a wide platform, as if suspended in the air – with a row of people lying on it, all lined up on their left sides, warming each other with stiffening knees and frozen laps. If one moves, the entire chain of bodies is set in motion, the S-shaped links become unstuck, the chain is broken as the bodies turn onto the other side. and there they become glued together again, knees bending, laps interlocking. – But no-one is warmed any more. They slowly turn cold, pierced by a long icy skewer…

Suddenly, a gigantic hand seizes the skull with its infernal vision and hurls it into flames. – the skull cracks open! a terrible, unbearable pain – and then – awakening!

A man woke up from a heavy dream. His gaze followed the sloping ceiling. His first thought was:

Where am I?