The Primatial Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary taken into heaven and St Adalbert is an ecclesiastic basilica in Esztergom, Hungary, situated not far from Budapest and in the near vicinity of Danube river and Hungarian-Slovakian border.

Known as the most precious remaining example of Renaissance art in Hungary, the Esztergom Basilica is dedicated to Saint Mary the Assumption and Saint Adalbert.

The actual building of the church was built between 1822 and 1856, but it lays on the foundation of other several earlier churches, the first of whom was built by Stephen I of Hungary between 1001-1010.

This is the tallest building in Hungary and the 18th biggest church in the world, with an interior area of 56.000 sqm. It has 118 m long and 49 m wide. Its hemispherical dome, with a diameter of 33,5 metres, has 12 windows and is 71,5 m high from inside and 100 m high from outside.

In the altar one can see the largest painting in the world painted on a single piece of canvas: painted by Michelangelo Grigoletti, the scene depicting the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary has an area of 13,5×6,6 meters.

The catacombs contains a huge crypt, built in 1831, which is today the resting place of late archbishops.

Photos made in October 2008.



  1. Iti recomand sa vizitezi Herculane, una dintre cele mai vechi statiuni din lume (ca atestare). Si asta sa o faci curand, pana mai ai ceva de fotografiat din bijuteriile lsate in paragina, sa se parabuseasca pentru ca ticalosii capitalisti sa poata ridica in locul lor hoteluri si cladiri de birouri uriase, dar fara nicio valoare arhitecturala si cu atat mai putin instorica.

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